Loopfiets voor kinderen vanaf 2 jaar

loopfiets , leert fietsen

Wright brothers vliegen likeabike-jumper-nachtblau-400x3003-300x225 Loopfiets voor kinderen vanaf 2 jaar

Net als de Wright zij leerden te vliegen met alleen vleugels, pas daarna monteerden zij een motor. (in tegenstelling tot alle anderen , zij monteerden motors op voertuigen en hoopten te vliegen)

Zo is het ook met de loopfiets. Eerst balanceren en motoriek oefenen en daarna pas fietsen.

Loopfiets remt vanzelf

Remmen met een loopfiets gaat intuïtief in tegenstelling tot een fiets met zijwieltjes.

Ook verkrijgbaar in andere kleuren

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Dutch translation of post likeabike


A $2,500 Tricycle? This must be a misprint.


gold or titanium

Parents who go around thinking their kids are ‘worth their weight in gold’ get to hold them to an even higher titanium standard now. Designed especially for the kid who has it all, I guess, comes a tricycle made from Titanium. Well, I suppose it’s nearly indestructible, right? And you know how hard kids can be on their toys.

No corrosion

But how does a titanium tricycle stack up against its poorer cousins? The frame is made entirely of pure titanium which makes it only half as dense as steel and as corrosion-resistant as platinum. Little Sally or Johnny can leave their new tricycle out in the worst weather and not worry about rust. But with a $ 2,500 USD price tag, Mom and Dad might want think about hiring a security guard.

Seriously though; this is one well-made tricycle including the carbon seat, white leather saddle and white rims with tires and it’s as easy to ride as low low-end tricycles that don’t come with any bragging rights.

The titanium tricycle is offered by Jan , the owner of, the leading supplier of learning or training bikes in the Netherlands.(In dutch we call them loopfiets) You can see a picture of the titanium tricycle here.


likeabike-jumper-nachtblau-400x3002-300x225 Likeabike

Likeabike balance bike

Like the Wright Brothers first mastering gliding, then putting an engine on the thing (as opposed to others who put an engine on machines that would not even work as gliders), this makes complete sense.I like this movies( And braking is with the likeabike completely intuitive, which it is not with pedals at first.

Price € 153,– ($ 269,–)

also available in other colors